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Building the vision

New Vision Trim started serving the Tampa Bay area in 2020. After working with a contractor installing trim for a few years, we felt ready to venture out on our own. Why? We wanted to do it better. My father told me… “Profit is never as satisfying as a job well done”, so we saw the need to take things into our own hands. Taking the time to pay attention to the details, the client, understanding their vision, and building it became our vision of doing trim. No more knock it out and moving on to the next project. We love the results that come from being a part of taking an Interior space and transforming it into something special for our clients. Our workshop comes with us on every project so that we have the flexibility of making adjustments on the fly and making that extra cut as needed. Contact us and let’s make your home something to show off.

“Profit is never as satisfying as a job well done”

Transformation is the spice of life. We do it with everything. Interior walls should be no different and shouldn’t be the after thought of interior design. If done well, crown molding, chair railing, wainscoting, accent walls, and baseboards will transform your living space like an oak barrel transforms grape juice.

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